4 Reasons Why Caviar Is Good For You (Health-Wise)

For thousands of years people have enjoyed the salted, cured roe of the Jurassic-era sturgeon fish. Whether it was an abundant by-product consumed out of necessity or a rarity carried across the high seas for royalty, the delicate resulting caviar has unexpected health benefits while still boasting an indulgent creaminess and subtle, briny flavor that can be very addictive!

When you think of caviar, you might think of luxury, wealth, diamonds, fine champagne, and all the finer things in life. But do you also think health, beauty, longevity? Caviar is pure luxury not only in terms of its taste but also its nutritious contents such as copper, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin B12, B6, and so on. 


Read on to know more about the health benefits of caviar...

Caviar has essential vitamins.

High in B12 and other vitamins, caviar stimulates the processes of your body. B Vitamins are vital for the functioning of the human body and also ensure good health of red blood cells (RBCs) and the nervous system. Moreover, with caviar consumption, those cells get the fuel they need to keep you healthiest, inside and out. Check out some sturgeon caviar for sale to ensure that you provide a sufficient and healthy supply of B12 to your body.
Caviar also contains A, E, B6, Iron, Magnesium and Selenium.

Consists of antioxidant properties.

Fish eggs have selenium – a vital antioxidant that’s essential for protecting the cells in your body. It is a wonderful source of security in terms of disease prevention. Selenium as a mineral has a long list of health benefits associated with it, a few of which are better metabolism, reproductive health, DNA synthesis, and immune health - like protection from oxidative damage and infection. Whole foods like caviar have the best sources of selenium since the mineral is usually destroyed in processed foods.

Improves skin, hair health, and helps to slow aging.

Who wants healthier, glowing skin? Stronger hair and nails? To age more slowly? ... Literally everyone! As you probably already know, what you eat has a major impact on your skin’s condition and overall health. Factors like harsh weather conditions, air pollution, dehydration, and other environmental causes, negatively affect our largest organ. Consuming caviar enables an impressive rate of cell regeneration and nutrition restoration, improving your skin’s glow and firmness.

Cares for your circulatory/cardiovascular health, nervous and immune systems.

Another wonderful health benefit of caviar is that it has omega 3 fatty acids which have a strong role in maintaining cardiovascular health. As said earlier, there are high amounts of Vitamin B12; perfect for boosting immunity and assisting fatty acids to perform their functions well. Generally, having food rich in vitamins is essential because it helps reduce the risk of depression, disrupted brain function, numbness, and others.


Can I eat a lot of caviar for my health?

The general answer is yes, you can eat as much caviar as you can take (poor you), but your body will tell you after a couple of ounces that you might want to slow down due to the amount of salt. Once you can't stop reaching for a glass of water (or champagne!), you might want to take a break... Caviar should be consumed in a moderate amount since it has somewhat high sodium levels. Fine malossol caviar has the lowest amount of salt (3-4%), which helps to partially cure it, lengthening the shelf-life from a few days to a few months. Unsalted caviar would be ideal for healthy consumption, but it needs the salt to enhance the flavor and stay fresh.

*fun fact* - unsalted caviar/roe is called "green roe" or "green eggs" (& Ham, anyone?). It must be frozen immediately after harvest since it does not have salt as a preservative.

Some of our chefs buy green eggs frozen, unsalted to be able to salt it themselves, table-side! 



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