Beginner’s Guide To Serving Caviar

If you've been exploring new gourmet recipes or spent any time on food social media lately, you have probably feasted your eyes on fine, fine caviar. This delicacy is the epitome of fine dining and finds a place in Michelin Star kitchens around the world. Moreover, it can make ordinary food go from drab to delightful in a matter of seconds! 


Whether you're a complete newbie to caviar or just starting out on a caviar serving adventure, then you need to know how to heighten your experience. Many people who don’t have a great first experience with caviar either haven’t got the basics right or just had flat-out low-quality or bad caviar. We are here to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes! 

Here are tips on how to serve, eat, and enjoy caviar the right way: 


Caviar Serving Guide 101


A rule of thumb that everyone should follow is that caviar should always be served chilled. Experts recommend placing the tin or jar in a caviar server or large container filled with ice for placement on individual bites, instead of transferring it all onto a dish. This will ensure that you have minimal broken eggs and the caviar stays cold during the entire serving time. Ideally, you should scoop out the caviar from the tin or the jar with a mother-of-pearl spoon to avoid adulterating any flavors. Take particular care at this step to be delicate when handling the eggs. You can also use a plastic or a glass spoon, but a metal one is not advised as it can cause oxidation and metallic notes. 


Now, for the accompaniments. Historically, caviar took so long to be transported from the Caspian Sea to the monarchs of Western Europe that it was practically spoiled when it arrived. To keep it from being unpalatable, strong flavors and smells like eggs, onions, chives, and herbs became commonplace as classic caviar pairings. That being said, today’s high-quality (and fresh!) caviar can be enjoyed in endless ways, a “caviar bump” is always a good start, ensuring you can enjoy the full flavor profile and experience of each egg ‘pop’! 


From there you can pair it with classics like hard-boiled eggs, baby potatoes, French blinis (of course), and toast points. We recommend adding a dairy element like Crème Fraîche to it. The texture and saltiness of the caviar and the creamy, tartness of the Crème Fraîche make for a truly elevated experience. If you don’t have much in your kitchen, any unsalted carbohydrate can be paired with caviar such as crackers, pita chips, naan bread, potato chips, latkes, filo dough cups, etc.


When it comes to drinks, you will be pleased to know that caviar pairs wonderfully well with alcoholic beverages. Champagne and dry, chilled white wines pair nicely with sturgeon caviar, although Russians and liquor aficionados prefer to eat their share of caviar with chilled vodka. Vodka is a wonderful pallet cleanser and helps clear the way to enjoy every nuance of differing caviar flavor profiles.


That’s all from us on this topic! If you are looking for online caviar delivery of the most delectable varieties, browse through our online store today. Hunting for unique caviar serving ware? We have quality hand-made caviar servers available.