Decades ago, when our company was founded, all caviar was wild-caught. Due to high demand for wild caviar and lack of global government regulations, many wild sturgeon species became critically endangered. In the early 2000's wild caviar and specific species were banned for import to the US for this reason. The crackdown on wild caviar led to the continual creation of sturgeon farms around the world. Since most sturgeon take about 10-20 years to produce caviar, starting a sturgeon farm from scratch is a practice in patience.

Today, many of these farmers are finally able to share their harvests with the world. With the advances in technology and increased global demand for caviar, there are more caviar farms than ever before.

So, now there's an abundance of clean, controlled, sustainable caviar at lower prices? -- dreams do come true! 

However, now there's a new problem for even the most experienced caviar connoisseurs... there are too many options. Species, origin, farming-type, grades, harvest seasons, etc. How does the consumer keep up with the constant changing supply? Who can you trust to vet these precious eggs?

The answer is CRU.
We are your caviar sommeliers -- a small group of people who live and love caviar, working tirelessly to help create the best caviar-tasting experience possible, satisfying online customers and Michelin level chefs for decades.

CRU only sources caviar from sustainable caviar farmers we have tried and tested, personally visiting the farms to inspect processes, animal welfare, sustainability practices, and quality. 

Source Countries:

- France
- Italy
- Poland
- Denmark
- Israel
- Belgium
- Bulgaria
- Romania
- Belarus
- Spain
- China
- Madagascar
- Germany
- Uruguay

*Sources are subject to change due to harvest season/availability or fluctuations in quality, ensuring you only receive the best

If you are looking for something specific please send us a message or let us know in the order comments, otherwise, we'll take the guessing away and choose the best in house of your preferred species, full transparency (origin and species information will be stated on the tin you receive).