About Us

We are Caviar Sommeliers.

For decades, our family has been scouring the globe for the best caviar.

We are second generation caviar experts with established connections to fishermen and caviar farms around the world, enabling us to grade large volumes of their best products for top chefs and restaurants in the US. Our experience, strict quality control, and access to a plethora of origins and species allows us to filter through all the good caviar to find the BEST for our customers. 


What sets CRU apart from other caviar brands?

- Our company supplies a large portion of the caviar/roe in the US market, allowing us to choose from a much larger selection than the average caviar brand. We import from the largest variety of caviar farms and species around the world. It's not common to have as many sources and types of caviar as we do.

The Cru does the hard work for you. Our grading processes are extremely extensive, meaning we personally hand-sort through dozens to hundreds of caviar containers per week to set aside a small selection of caviar worthy of the Cru label.

- We only buy from sustainable farms with great reputations and high regard to animal welfare, government regulations, cleanliness, water quality, grading processes, etc.

- We are family-owned, operated and woman-led. 

- We are very transparent. We don't pretend to own farms or misrepresent caviar species or origins... We want to educate caviar lovers to uphold the integrity and unique characteristics of every sturgeon, fish, and egg. 

- Our pricing is fair. While caviar is and never should be a cheap product, we strive to make it as affordable as possible. Our large-volume facility also allows us to get best pricing from farmers, passing it directly on to you.

- We offer Free Shipping - Caviar can get expensive to ship, it needs to go fast and be heavily iced.. but don't worry, the caviar CRU has got you covered! Any order that includes caviar ships for free!