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Beluga Hybrid

As the world's most renowned sturgeon species, Beluga is prized for its large, firm gray to black eggs that always exude a decadent, briny creaminess. There's a reason it has been hailed as the most expensive and prized original Caspian species for hundreds of years.

To protect and replenish the almost wiped-out wild Beluga populations, it is illegal to import to the US unless it's a hybrid species. Our sustainable Beluga hybrid is either crossed with the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii), the Sevruga (Acipenser stellatus), or the Sterlet ( Acipenser ruthenus). All flaunt a smooth, buttery flavor and similar grayish to amber/black color but by nature have a slightly smaller and softer egg.

Flavor: Creamy, nutty, briny
Pearl Size: Medium-Large
Common Color: Dark gray to gray-black with amber flecks
Species: Huso Huso  x Acipenser Baerii, Stellatus or Ruthenus
Common Name(s): Beluga, Huso, Beluga Hybrid
Shelf Life: Three weeks refrigerated, unopened.

Huso Huso x Acipenser stellatus
Huso Huso x Acipenser baerii 
Huso Huso x   Acipenser ruthenus

These Beluga Hybrids currently hail from Italy, Romania, or Bulgaria

*Your caviar will be packed to order, choosing the best caviar in stock for you based on seasonal harvest availability, grades, quality: flavor, texture, salinity, size, color, firmness, age, 'pop' etc.

Customer Reviews

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Marilyn Yeske
Excellent caviar

I purchased this caviar for a 9 person dinner party on New Year’s Eve. Out of the 9 only 3 of us were caviar lovers. The other 6 had never tried it. Now there are 6 more caviar lovers. We ate it with champagne and Beluga vodka. The caviar was packaged well and arrived promptly.