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Huso dauricus x Acipenser schrenkii

Kaluga Hybrid

Kaluga caviar comes from the "River Beluga" (huso dauricus).

To protect and replenish the almost wiped out wild populations, it is illegal to import to the US unless it's a hybrid species. Our Kaluga hybrid is crossed with the popular Japanese or Amur Sturgeon (Acipenser schrenkii), making for the closest matching hybrid to true Kaluga you can buy.

Both Huso Dauricus and A. Schrenkii are native to the Amur river basin of China and Russia.


Flavor: Mild and Buttery
Features: Large, Firm
Common Color: Dark amber with flecks of jade
Species: Huso Dauricus x Acipenser Shrenckii
Common Name(s): Kaluga Hybrid or River Beluga
Shelf Life: Three weeks refrigerated, unopened.

The Kaluga Sturgeon is native to and only farmed in Northern China. We choose the best from all producers available in the Thousand Mile Lakes and work with partner farms to ensure ecological welfare, water quality, and sustainable practices.

A very consistent crowd-pleaser for the large firm eggs and mild taste... One of the most popular, good value caviars in the world currently! 


*Your caviar will be hand-packed daily to order, choosing the best caviar in stock for you based on seasonal harvest availability, grades, quality: flavor, texture, salinity, size, color, firmness, age, 'pop' etc.

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